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Conergy Global Investments Ltd
has been able to bring together in its qualitative workforce, experienced and well trained Engineers, Economic analyst, Advisors, Marketing personnel, Safety Professionals, Accountants, Administrators, Secretaries, Logistics Officers, quality assurance officers, Site supervisors and Information technologist to provide support services for its client. We make sure that an employee possesses certain minimum requirement before an engagement to a job function is made.

Conergy Global Investments Ltdcurrently has a hundred percent Nigerian local content in its employment and as a matter of policy, for purposes of developing available skilled manpower, Conergy Global Investments Ltdfrom time to time send personnel to various international and local conferences.

Our Operational Sequence:
In Conergy Global Investments Ltd we maintain a comprehensive database of past operational safety, failure, success and repair incidences as a resource for properly equipping our clients for effective decision-making. We prepare and improve investment policies that help our client achieve their goals within expected time limit.


Marginal Field Development

We are well equipped in Conergy Global Investments Ltd with all the required technologies and expertise to carry out all the activities involved in your marginal field.
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Engineering Services & Construction

We provide project management services for maintenance programmes including Estimating, Scope Development, CPM Schedule Control, Budget and Man-Hour control.
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