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Inspection Services



Our inspection services cover most of the critical equipment and assisting in maintenance planning and management. Using various NDT methods, such as Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle Testing, and Radiographic Testing we are able to determine the Fitness for Use of various facilities. During inspection and maintenance planning, we recommend to a client the most efficient and cost effective NDT method to use. For pipelines in particular we use Long Range Ultrasonic for rapid pipe screening. This is particularly useful for sections of a pipeline that are either buried or difficult to access, hence other NDT methods are difficult to use.

Inspection, Testing & Predictive Maintenance Services:
We provide complete NDE/NDT Services, Training, Consulting and Supply of NDE equipment based on standard codes of engineering practices (API, ASME, ANSI, AWS, etc.). These include but not limited to:

Inspection& Testing
The Inspection and Testing Division of Conergy Global Investments Ltd has state-of-the-art inspection equipment to satisfy our clients’ needs. All our equipment is calibrated according to our specified requirements in the applicable document of the Quality Management System.

All of our activities are guided by our commitment and adherence to the following governing principles:

  • HSSEQ System Policies and Procedures.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Standard Certification.
  • Compliance with ISO 14001 Environment Standards.
  • Corporate Value System.

Marginal Field Development

We are well equipped in Conergy Global Investments Ltd with all the required technologies and expertise to carry out all the activities involved in your marginal field.
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Engineering Services & Construction

We provide project management services for maintenance programmes including Estimating, Scope Development, CPM Schedule Control, Budget and Man-Hour control.
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